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Kirch Exec Takes Over Sales Post At EM.TV, Others Removed

As a result of the impending bail out of EM.TV by KirchGroup, a top Kirch executive has assumed a role at EM.TV. Head of Kirch New Media Rainer Huether will replace Hans Peter Vreins as head of sales, and also assumes the role of deputy CEO. In addition, EM.TV's head of production Sylvia Rothblum has been asked to step down from her post. Moreover, Nickolaus Becker, head of EM.TV's supervisory board, has also stepped down. Becker's reasoning for his departure was "so as not to be a burden on the new beginning." Though Becker denies the rumors, there was tension between him and Kirch head Dieter Hahn over the bail out deal. Becker was one of the major supporters within EM.TV to move toward other options. EM.TV CEO Thomas Haffa, who favored the deal with Kirch, wrote a letter to Becker in the beginning of February asking him to step down.

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