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Kipany Productions Launches New Division

Press Release from Kipany Productions

Kipany Productions has launched a new commercial and film-specific division, Kipany Pictures. Headed by Vice President/Executive Producer Melissa Levins, the company features an international roster of top creative and emerging talent, and is currently producing its inaugural project; a series of web spots for Rite Aid.

Kipany Pictures launches with 19 directors, designers and artists who can execute integrated campaigns including spots, virals, mobile, web and print. Small World, Big Picture is the company's philosophy, and reflects its vast creative reach, focus on client collaboration, and emphasis on producing work that excites and inspires.

The diverse roster includes: Doritos Super Bowl contest-winning commercial and music video director Eric Heimbold, director/designer Ruben Latre, commercial directors Benoit Gabriel, Robert Mowen, Jasmin Kuhn, Marcus Stokes, Rick Midler, Abraham Roofeh, and Leif Husted Jensen; designers Merle Becker, Tian Hughes and Carol Jakob; and underground artists Kadine Anckle, Noelle Brower, Greg Levins, Margaret Schnipper, Dan Forgues, Michael Vidoli, Mikal Din and Agi Fodor. With backgrounds in agency creative, episodic television, brand direction, and independent film, the roster has directed projects for American Express, Colgate, ESPN, Nike, Oakley, Nickelodeon, McDonald's, Fox Sports and Dodge. Ruben Latre, fast becoming one of Europe's hottest directors, has directed six spots in the last two months.

"My goal in launching Kipany Pictures was to be a destination for creative thinkers and artists that stand behind substance and quality," explains Levins, a former MTV Networks Creative, "We're focused on delivering high-end, cross platform content but we also want to be the place where clients can find a new voice, fresh talent and a global approach."

Behind that delivery are award-winning, multidisciplinary producers Hugh Herbert-Burns and Elijah Buck (both formerly of McCann), Neils Dachler, Jetain Mahendra, Emmy-winner Ann-Marie McHugh and Laurie Bernal.

Tiffany Hendry, President, Kipany Productions: "Digital media has come of age with high definition and anytime, anyplace video, or the new moving pictures.  What differentiates Kipany Pictures is its competitive talent, global perspective and our core knowledge in the sales/marketing/advertising space."

Adds Levins, "The company's financial stability, international and national expertise (Kipany also has offices in South America), and in-house graphics and editorial department all provide immense production value."

Before she joined Kipany Productions to oversee their media services division, Levins ran her own production company Otis B. Productions from 2004 - 2008. In the world of film, Levins produced two features, "Bittersweet" (2008 release) and to be released "Immaculate Misconception". She has produced show segments for "Project Runway" and "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," music videos for hip-hop artist Chris Classic, which was sponsored by Dodge, Pete Francis, Bette Serveert, and Mexican alt-rock band Psychostasia, and ad campaigns for clients including Ziramíx, International Formal Wear, Colt Defense and Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Go, Diego. Go!"

Levins says Kipany Productions, a nearly 30-year-old market leader in production, marketing, web development and design, was the right place to establish Kipany Pictures and build a team well versed in both advertising and film.

"Kipany Productions' strategic and organic growth has allowed it to stay ahead of the technological curve," says Levins. "More importantly, they've created a nurturing ecosystem for original talent to pursue both commercial endeavors and passion projects. At Kipany Pictures we don't just follow the wind; we create our own breeze."