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Kingsley & Loken to Vamp for BloodRayne

Ben Kingsley has been signed to play the vampire Kagan, the evil ruler of an army of bloodsuckers, in the film adaptation of the videogame BLOODRAYNE, opposite Kristanna Loken (TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES), the ASSOCIATED PRESS reported. The film chronicles the adventures of a half-vampire, half-human in 18th-century Romania who has the super strength of a monster countered by the emotions of a person.

Loken will play the heroine, a half-vampire, who must overthrow Kingsley's character who is also her father in order to save the world from the living dead. The $47 million movie is set to begin filming in Romania this month from a script by Guinevere Turner, according to videogame publisher Majesco, which released the game.

BLOODRAYNE is being produced by 1st Boll Kino Beteiligungs GmbH and Rightlight Pictures Inc. with director Uwe Boll (HOUSE OF THE DEAD, ALONE IN THE DARK), who keeps scoring with his adaptations of videogames to the big screen.

The BLOODRAYNE videogame debuted in 2002, and a sequel is set for release in October 2004.