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King Keeps Winning Awards: This Time for Promo CD-ROM

New Line Cinema and Blitz Digital Studios has been awarded the One Show Interactive Pencil award for their promotional CD-ROM, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Dell Collector's Edition. The promotional advertising campaign was launched in December 2003 to tie in with the film's Holiday release. Up to 100,000 customers who purchased Dell's high end gaming machine, the Dimensions XPS line received the Collector's Edition CD-ROM, which included exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and sneak peaks from the film as well as exclusive sneak previews of EA's THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING videogame, along with hints and cheats on how to advance.

Blitz DS exec creative director Ken Martin said, "Knowing that the CD was being shipped exclusively in high end gaming machines which, in turn, would support high end motion graphics, it gave us the ability to utilize the same types of technologies that were used to produce the film's visual effects. This allowed for a consistent feeling with the film's energy while adding a unique perspective behind the CD's navigation. It is a creative director's dream to work on a project with little to no technical limitations."

The One Show Interactive, now in its 8th year, features an international jury, with judges representing 10 countries. The advertising awards features four levels gold, silver, bronze and merit. For a complete list of winners, visit

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