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King Of The Hill Puts Foot Into Net

The convergence between the Net and TV gets narrower as KING OF THE HILL steps into the game in a big way. On Sunday, May 14, 2000, Fox will air an episode of KING where Peggy Hill is lured into making an inspirational video about her long time embarrassment her big feet. However, the shifty photographer just posts Peggys plus-sized piggys on a fetish Web site called senior VP Jordan Kurzweil said, "The guy shoots fetish stuff that ends up on the Web, so we actually built the Web site thats featured in the animated show." The idea of creating "real" Web sites from fictitious origins isnt new. ABCs DREW CAREY SHOW and Nickelodeons THE AMANDA SHOW both boasted big hit reports after creating spin-off Net locales from events on the television series. Kurzweil commented that would see how the site does before they decide whether or not it will be updated in the future. Kurzweil went on to say, "This is the early glimpse at the kind of thing Fox will do this year what were calling 'convergence projects.'"

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