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Kilmer, Duncan, Idle Join Indie Delgo Cast

Atlanta-based Fathom Studios is orbiting closer to Hollywood by signing Val Kilmer, Eric Idle and Michael Clarke Duncan to join the voice cast of its independently produced computer-animated film, DELGO. The first full-length CG flick from a U.S. indie has been receiving lots of online attention as Fathom posts digital dailies on its Website, The fantasy adventure is about troubled youth and some unlikely friends who must save the world from itself.

Award-winning actor Kilmer (THE DOORS, TOMBSTONE) will voice Bogardus, a fearless and cocky street-smart soldier. Comedian and cult icon Eric Idle (MONTY PYTHON) is providing the voice of Sprig, a bumbling, pompous and dimwitted imp while Oscar-nominated actor Duncan (DAREDEVIL, THE GREEN MILE) will play Elder Marley, a mystical Stonesage master and mentor to Delgo. Fathom has been recording most of the cast in Los Angeles or New York City, based on the availability and location of the actors.

"Weve been very fortunate to have struck a chord with audiences who are interested in watching the making of DELGO," says Marc F. Adler, producer and co-director. "The digital dailies offer a glimpse into the process of computer animation the good and the bad, the mistakes and the triumphs all in an effort to provide audiences a greater understanding of the realities of film production while developing a personal connection to the picture." Fathom started DELGO in 1998 and is seeking a distributor.

To find out more about Fathom and others taking the independent plunge to fund and distribute independent features, check out Heather Kenyon's story, "Beyond The Majors: Independent Animation Feature Production" in Animation World Magazine.