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Kidscreen Unveils iKids 2013 Lineup

Kidscreen releases its agenda for iKids 2013, a conference for kids IP owners and digital media professionals taking place on Monday, February 4 at the Hilton NY.

Kidscreen has just released its agenda for iKids 2013, a conference for kids IP owners and digital media professionals taking place on Monday, February 4 at the Hilton NY. The full program is now available online at, featuring a rich lineup of presentations and panel discussions designed to explore the intersection of mobile content, social media and web entertainment in the kids space.

Highlights from the event’s Apps & Mobile track include:

Kids and Casual Gaming—The Real Deal A research presentation by Dr. Alison Bryant of PlayScience's new Global Gaming Across Generations report, including exclusive data about the casual gaming habits of kids and families. It will touch on how much time kids spend playing casual games on each platform; how much kids and parents are willing to pay for games; and what their usage patterns, content preferences, and purchase drivers are.

Game’s Anatomy—Deconstructing Success in Children’s Mobile Games Dr. Carla Fisher will take a look at the market’s bestselling apps and digital games for children to ID what makes them great—be it game mechanics, marketing techniques, user analytics, interface design, or other innovative features.

To Freemium or Not to Freemium In the broader app market, Freemium and in-app purchases have emerged as the dominant business models. But parents and regulators don't really appreciate these approaches, so what's a kids app publisher to do? This panel’s experts will weigh the pros and cons of these dominant models and explore other moneymaking alternatives.

The Online & Social Media track, meanwhile, will feature:

Taking it to the Web

As kids continue to do more and more of their content viewing online, there's finally a business model developing around the production of webisodes. In this panel, a group of seasoned webisode producers will talk about how they are bringing in dollars and, more importantly, eyeballs.

Keeping Up With the Instagram Generation Tweens and teens are increasingly migrating from Facebook to photo-based Instagram to get their social networking kicks, adding yet another layer of social media navigation for kid-focused marketers. This panel discussion featuring expert social engagers will assess the various platforms to determine which is the most effective right now for getting through to younger audiences.

Taking Heritage Brands Online UK research and strategy company Dubit presents an exploration of how kids consume content and engage with their favorite brands across platforms. There’s plenty to benefit from—the Dubit team plans to make recommendations for existing IPs, identify properties ripe for cross-media extension, assess consumer expectations, deliver a list of do’s and don’ts, and offer up metrics for use in digital business models. They’ll also show off new focus group footage of kids and parents watching, reading, listening, playing and reacting.

The event’s keynote speaker will be announced separately in a few weeks. In the meantime, Kidscreen is thrilled to share that the best and brightest students of the NY CoderDojo chapter will be featured at the event in a panel session called Up Close and Interactive with Digital Kid Wizards. A volunteer-led collaborative academy designed to provide free and open learning in tech programming to kids, CoderDojo has hubs set up in more than 22 countries. Along with learning coding languages, its students have created commercial websites and iOS apps. 

During breaks, iKids delegates can check out a variety of Digital Download sessions, showcasing kids brands, app developers, website operators and eReader applications that are pushing the digital media envelope and gearing up for major growth next year.

And the day will wrap up on a celebratory note with the iKids Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Party, where the winners of the inaugural awards for the market’s best digital media products for kids will be announced.

Source: Kidscreen