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Kids’ WB! Throws Holiday Sock Party

Kids WB! kicks-off the holiday season with a Holiday Sock Party filled with wild and wacky wishes, a new Saturday morning schedule and a holiday-themed lineup.

In addition to changes in the Saturday morning schedule, Kids WB! will sprinkle the weekday schedule during the month of December with special Monday-Friday lineups highlighting program blocks of Saturday morning favorites. The blocks will include double-dose one-hour blocks (3:30-4:30 pm ET/PT) of Saturday morning programs: XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN, COCONUT FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND, JOHNNY TEST, THE BATMAN and a special three-part event flashing back to the origins of VIEWTIFUL JOE (3:00-4:30 pm ET/PT) on Friday, Dec. 16 only.

POKÉMON will continue to air Monday-Friday at 3:00 pm ET/PT (with VIEWTIFUL JOE preemption on Friday, Dec. 16 only) and TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON at 4:30 pm ET/PT.

Following is Kids WB!s new Saturday morning schedule:

8:00 am: VIEWTIFUL JOE (new time period)8:30 am: THE BATMAN9:00 am: XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN9:30 am: LOONATICS UNLEASHED (new time period)10:00 am: POKÉMON ADVANCED BATTLE10:30 am: COCONUT FREDS FRUIT SALAD ISLAND (new time period)11:00 am: JOHNNY TEST11:30 am: YU-GI-OH! DAWN OF THE DUEL (new time period)

Kids WB!s Monday-Friday special December schedule, airs through Friday Dec. 30:

3:00 pm: POKÉMON (Monday-Friday) / VIEWTIFUL JOE (Friday, 12/16 only)3:30 pm: Special Saturday Series Hour-Block4:00 pm: Special Saturday Series Hour-Block4:30 pm: TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON (Monday-Friday)

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