Kids’ WB! Characters Hit School Milk Cartons

Kids WB! has signed a deal with MilkMedia, the in-school milk carton side panel sponsorship program, to be the newest national childrens account for the fall 2003 season. Titled Toon In To Schools, Kids WB!s characters from ¡MUCHA LUCHA!, OZZY & DRIX and XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN will lend their likenesses to milk containers.

Kids WB! continues to dedicate itself to developing relevant and meaningful ways to maintain an in-school presence on a year-round basis, said Melanie Jones, vp, media planning, The WB. The Milk Carton program allows us to be in the everyday environment of kids, encouraging them to be healthy, while still entertaining them with marquee shows such as XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN, ¡MUCHA LUCHA! and OZZY & DRIX.

The MilkMedia program is a proven way to reach kids on a national scale in schools across the country, said Richard Long, president, MilkMedia. The sheer number of impressions is mind boggling, with over one billion cartons distributed each school year. And because the side panels always contain uplifting messages for the kids, its a win-win situation for everyone involved the children, parents, schools, and dairies everyone loves it, most of all, the advertisers.

MilkMedia offers over a billion milk carton side panels as a means to promote child-oriented brands as well as nutrition, health, exercise and educational information. The program reaches six to seven million children from elementary through high school in 25,000 schools. MilkMedia has developed milk carton branding programs for such cartoon characters as Kelloggs Tony the Tiger and Cartoon Networks POWERPUFF GIRLS and KIDS NEXT DOOR.

Kids' WB! is the childrens programming service of The WB Network. For more information visit

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