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Kids’ WB! 2005-2006 Season Starts Sept. 17 With 3 World Premieres

Kids' WB! new 2005-2006 broadcast season will be highlighted by the world premieres of three new series and four returning hits. Kids WB! kicks off its new schedule Sept. 17 (8:00 am-12 pm ET /7:00-11:00 am PT). On Monday, Sept. 19 (3-5:00 pm ET/PT), the new seasons Monday-Friday weekday lineup will debut, introducing the high-octane vehicles-turned-robots world of TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON, along with more exciting adventures of returning shows, five days a week.

From award-winning studio Warner Bros. Animation, the three new series joining Kids WB!s fall Saturday schedule include the highly anticipated Looney Tunes-inspired series LOONATICS UNLEASHED, the zany-comedy COCONUT FREDS FRUIT SALAD ISLAND and the action/comedy/adventure JOHNNY TEST. Kids WB!s returning hits include the next installments of POKÉMON ADVANCED BATTLE and YU-GI-OH! GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP, along with all-new episodes of XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN and THE BATMAN.

Beginning September 17, the new Saturday morning slate kicks-off at 8:00 a.m. ET (7:00 a.m. PT) with the fifth season and latest installment of YU-GI-OH! GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP, which officially debuted with the exclusive U.S. premiere on Aug. 27. The new season introduces Yugis new arsenal of monsters and cards and brings him face-to-face with the greatest duelists in the world for their chance to take his Duel Monsters Championship crown. From 4Kids Productions, Inc., the new season of YU-GI-OH! GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP also will air original episodes at 11:30 am ET (10:30 am PT) on Saturday mornings.

The Emmy Award-winning series THE BATMAN airs at 8:30 am ET (7:30 am PT). The captivating new season introduces a little competition and unwanted ally to the Batman in protecting the citizens of Gotham from a teenaged girl Batgirl. THE BATMAN is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

At 9:00 am ET (8:00 am PT), the Emmy Award-winning and culturally diverse hit series XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN returns for its third season with four young monks who now have risen to the ranks of Wudai Warriors as they test their courage and new powers. XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

COCONUT FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND sets sail at 9:30 am ET (8:30 am PT), for the silliest spot in the Seven Seas. Bananas, melons, mangos and other lucky fruits live on this tiny jewel of an isle, located deep in the middle of the little-known Fruit Salad Ocean. They share their peaceful paradise with a real nut a wild coconut named Fred. Eenergically driven by an insatiable curiosity, Fred is an eternal optimist who sees every day as a new adventure full of possibilities. Fred surprises and entertains his ripening pals with his mighty imagination since anything he envisions has the ability to come to life. The unique combination of 2D Flash animated characters set against photo-realistic backgrounds allows Fred's reality to be as limitless as his dreams. This original comedy is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

At 10:00 am ET (9:00 am PT), the next evolution of the evergreen anime/adventure hit POKÉMON ADVANCED BATTLE continues, from 4Kids Productions, Inc., as the eighth season catches up with Ash and the gang on their latest adventures while he prepares for the Hoenn League Championships, meeting new Pokémon, intense competition and new challenges as they explore the unknown land of Battle Frontier.

The highly anticipated all-new, action-packed, comedy-adventure series, LOONATICS UNLEASHED, will debut at 10:30 am ET (9:30 am PT) and take viewers into the year 2772, to meet the ensemble cast of six heroes who are descendants of the Looney Tunes. Living in the perpetual twilight of Acmetropolis, where supernatural phenomena are the norm, this team becomes imbued with super powers after a massive meteor knocks Earth off its axis. Sharing the same irreverent, sharp-edged wit as their forefathers, they band together to become the Loonatics Ace Bunny (descendant of Bugs Bunny), Lexi Bunny (descendant of Lola Bunny), Danger Duck (descendant of Daffy Duck), Slam Tasmanian (descendant of Tasmanian Devil), Rev Runner (descendant of Road Runner) and Tech E. Coyote (descendant of Wile E. Coyote), who are joined by Zadavia, the mysterious organizer of the Loonatics who sends the team out on their missions. They boast special skills, unique abilities and a firm sense of justice. This high-octane action/comedy series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

Another new fantastical comedy is the fearless boy/dog duo in JOHNNY TEST at 11:00 am ET (10:00 am PT). Eleven-year-old Johnny is beyond fearless, and obsessed with breaking limits speed limits, time limits, physical limits, you name it. He has the ultimate companion a genetically enhanced talking dog, Dukey making for an unstoppable combo. Johnnys 13-year-old super-genius twin sisters, Susan and Mary, can create anything they imagine, from a time machine to a supersonic scooter to everlasting lip gloss when they're not trying to solve the trials and tribulations of adolescence through science. Bribed with spectacular gifts and special powers, Johnny is his sisters willing guinea pig. Johnny always emerges from his out-of-this-world escapades unscathed, but the same isnt true for his dog or his sisters. This comedy/adventure series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

On Monday, Sept. 19, Kids WB!s Monday-Friday weekday lineup debuts, bringing viewers more of POKÉMON (3:00 pm ET/PT), THE BATMAN (3:30 pm ET/PT) and XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN (4:00 pm ET/PT) teamed up with TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON (4:30 pm ET/PT) for a powerhouse lineup. The Transformers are faced with the epic feat of saving their ancient home of Cybertron. When the damaged planet is not able to resist the pull of a gigantic black hole threatening to destroy it, one of the first Transformers ever created and who holds the knowledge of the Ancients, Vector Prime, is summoned out of the shadows of time. Called upon to protect and repair the planet, he enlists the aid of Optimus Prime and his Autobot warriors to recover Cybertron before its too late.

Later this fall on Kids WB! is VIEWTIFUL JOE, one of Japans hottest television series, from Geneon Ent. This action/adventure series introduces Joe, a normal guy who has special superpowers bestowed upon him by his all-time favorite action movie superhero Captain Blue, transforming him into Viewtiful Joe. Featuring characters from the award-winning videogame series developed by Capcom Co. Ltd., the series brings a unique American comicbook-style character design loaded with action and comedy. Stay toned for a closer look at Kids WB!s new shows on AWN.

KIDS' WB! 2005-2006 Season Fall Schedule



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