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Keyframe, Kavaleer Bring Out The Sock Monsters

Keyframe Digital Productions, a digital animation and visual effects studio, has reached an agreement with Kavaleer Productions, based in Dublin, Ireland, to co-develop the animated children's series SOCK MONSTERS.

SOCK MONSTERS follows the adventures of a comic, ragtag crew made of odd socks named Fleecy, Toasty, Smidgen and Scrunch. They live in Sock World and help lost socks that have slipped down a magical chute into Sock World find a purpose as arms, legs, trunks and ears of the Sock Monsters.

Keyframe co-founders Clint Green and Darren Cranford have created animated samples for the series and are in negotiations with several European children's networks. Kavaleer's managing partners Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh began developing the show a little over a year ago/

"I think people have reacted to the innocent charm of the show," said writer/creator Andrew Kavanagh. "It harks back to the days of THE CLANGERS and MR. MEN, but the animation looks bang up to date."

"Children react to it because the design looks so tactile," added producer Gary Timpson, "it looks as though you could almost reach out and cuddle them."

Keyframe is currently co-producing and creating 3D animation for 26 new half-hour episodes of PINKY DINKY DOO, comprising the second season of the animated preschool series produced by Sesame Workshop and Cartoon Pizza. Green is a producer and production manager on the series and Cranford is directing.