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Kelseus Unveils Antics Pre-Viz at SIGGRAPH 2004

Kelseus will launch Antics Pre-Viz, its own previs product that uses intelligent realtime 3D animation technology, at SIGGRAPH 2004, Aug. 10-12, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in booth #1355.

Aimed at the previsualization process for both live-action and complex 3D animated productions, Antics Pre-Viz allows users to quickly and realistically produce multi-cam action scenes involving multiple characters, storylines, shots and interactions, with which to communicate ideas to clients, producers, financiers and crew members.

Mark Burton, vp, sales & marketing says, "Previsualization tools that are currently available offer either fairly primitive or hugely expensive, time consuming options to users and do not truly address their requirements. We are changing that by providing a product with an easy to learn feature set whose speed of use, animated 3D output and affordability will make it a standard within a live action or animation production workflow."

Antics Pre-Viz is the first software application to allow both expert animators as well as members of a production team, such as directors, cinematographers and editors, to create and manage their own realistic, animated pre-visualization projects in a realtime 3D environment. An intuitive tool set and logical workflow allow rapid set assembly and layout, easy camera set-up and configuration and the creation of intelligent characters, shots and scenes. Scenes are stored as animated storyboards, which can be cut together and output as either AVI or.MOV files or as JPEG storyboards.

Burton continues, "Previsualization can offer substantial savings in production costs, as well as enhance the creative process at the planning stage. With today's increasing time and budget constraints, concepts and plans must be brought to life quickly and realistically or else the process is just not worthwhile. In Antics Pre-Viz we have a production planning tool that does just that, at a very affordable price point."

The ability to work in a realtime 3D environment using point and click, or simple action commands given to intelligent characters who can navigate and interact with their environment, makes Antics Pre-Viz an interactive and creatively efficient process.

Antics Pre-Viz is currently in use with early access customers. Full Version 1 release ships in Q4 ($1,225, £750, 1,225)

Feature Set Summary:

* Simple, Intuitive Interface with Logical Workflow* Realtime Rendering Environment* Simple Set Construction tools* Easy Camera Creation and Set-ups (incl lens selection)* Intuitive and versatile Camera Choreography* Intelligent Character Navigation* Intelligent character Interaction with props and environments* Simple Action Command Instruction Set* Timeline based Track View Editor* Story View Editor and movie maker* Extensive Asset Libraries* Comprehensive Project Management Tools* Lip-Sync* Compatibility with existing 3D product Workflows

Kelseus ( based in Cambridge, England, is a pioneer in the field of realtime intelligent 3D animation technology.