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Kaydara Ships Filmbox 3.0

Kaydara Inc. announced the release of FiLMBOX 3.0, the latest release of the company's real-time 3D content authoring and delivery tool. FiLMBOX 3.0 brings real-time mixed-media authoring capabilities to Apple computers, with support for Mac OS X. Enhancements made to the new edition include improvements to the Control Sets feature, enabling 3D artists to animate CG characters without having to program complex IK rigs and constraints as is usually required by this type of advanced feature. These character tool enhancements also provide animators with the ability to interactively work with both inverse and forward kinematics, to generate keyframe animation, and easily modify existing motion-capture data. "FiLMBOX 3.0's enhanced character animation pipeline is the result of Kaydara's commitment to providing a real-time authoring solution for today's animators," said Sammy Nelson, product manager for FiLMBOX. "FiLMBOX 3.0 can be used as a perfect complementary 3D character animation module for game development, layout design, pre-visualization, and advanced character animation, and works in conjunction with software such as Maya, 3ds max, LightWave and Softimage|3D." FiLMBOX 3.0 is priced at US$5,000 and supports Microsoft Windows 2000, SGI IRIX, Red Hat Linux and Apple OS X.

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