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Kaydara launches FiLMBOX version 2.0

Kaydara Inc. has announced the launch of FiLMBOX version 2.0, its real-time production system. Incorporating an advanced suite of interactive character animation, motion capture and audio/video tools FiLMBOX v2.0 hosts a variety of new on-line production tools, such as camera tracking, real-time video input/output, and improved character mapping. FiLMBOX v2.0 provides live integration of 3D elements for game, film and TV production into a unified digital environment,

"The introduction of FiLMBOX 2.0 adds a new dimension to 3D interaction, allowing users to work fully "in-context" for real-time production," said Dan Kraus, FiLMBOX Product Manager. "FiLMBOX 2.0 is a significant milestone in on-line 3D production for the pre-visualization, real-time production and virtual set markets."

With seamless integration to all the main 3D packages, FiLMBOX v2.0 allows users of NewTek LightWave, Alias|Wavefront Maya, Kinetix 3D Studio Max, and Softimage|3D to take full advantage of FiLMBOX's powerful suite of real-time production tools.

Designed to function as the heart of a unified digital production environment, FiLMBOX v2.0 is the only commercial software environment that provides support for both software and hardware camera tracking, giving users the unique ability to synchronize real-world and virtual cameras in real-time.

Key features include camera tracking, real-time video I/O, character mapping, and a new user interface.

For more information contact Kaydara via phone in the United States and Canada: 888- 842-6842 or International: 514-842-8446