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Kaydara Gains $5M In Venture Capital

Kaydara Inc., a worldwide leader in real-time 3D/2D production systems for film, television, games and broadcasting, has announced that it has received an additional US$5 million in funding. The investment will support future product development and marketing strategies. Investissement Desjardins, a company known for its interest in fledgling technology companies, led this first round of investment. "We are very excited about Kaydara's vision and achievements, and we are confident our investment will allow them to realize their goals, which will undoubtedly change the way we communicate and entertain ourselves on the Internet," said Bernard Paradis, senior vice president, Investissement Desjardins. "Their strategy, combined with their outstanding track record with high profile clients worldwide, has earned our confidence." Michel Besner, president of Kaydara Inc., said, "Our mission is to build the software needed for the widespread adoption of real-time 3D content in a seamless mixed-media environment. This $5 million investment will allow us to develop the products and secure the key partnerships needed to make this mission a reality." Kaydara's flagship software product, FiLMBOX, offers content developers the tools to create 3D content in real-time.

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