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Kaydara announces FiLMBOX matchmove

Kaydara Inc. has announced FiLMBOX matchmove, a new camera tracking system designed to automatically extract and track 3D camera information from pre-recorded video sequences. A part of the FiLMBOX v2.0 suite of products, FiLMBOX matchmove offers a host of new features - such as automatic track point selection, multiple-camera support, and real-time playback - which will greatly simplify the process of integrating 3D and video footage.

In addition to camera tracking features, FiLMBOX matchmove integrates a complete suite of character animation and audio/video tools - for the first time allowing animators to visualize complex 3D scenes in conjunction with camera moves and matching video/audio tracks. With extensive import/export capabilities from all the major 3D packages, the product fits seamlessly into film, commercial, and television production pipelines.

The product's key features include automatic track point selection, lens distortion compensation, seamless integration with scene data from Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, Maya and Softimage|3D, in both the NT and SGI IRIX environments.

For more information contact Kaydara in the United States and Canada: 888- 842-6842 and International: 514-842-8446

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