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Katzenberg Greenlights CGI Rock & Roll Dream

DreamWorks has signed David Diamond and David Weissman (THE FAMILY MAN), to write a yet untitled CG animated musical history of rock 'n' roll, it was reported by VARIETY and later confirmed by a DreamWorks spokesperson. Jeffrey Katzenberg and the writers came up with the concept as they worked together on the rewrite of DreamWorks' EVOLUTION. The project was then officially pitched to Katzenberg and DreamWorks' head of development Lance Young. No official release has been issued but the concept involves setting hit songs in rock history into a CGI format. SHARKSLAYER producer Allison Segan is set to produce the musical history film. Original Artists agent Jordan Bayer repped Diamond and Weissman, who recently adapted PIANO LESSONS for Warner Bros. and the Calvin Trillin novel PEPPER ISN'T GOING OUT.