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Kappa Mikey Swings onto Nickelodeon

KAPPA MIKEY, the breakout Nicktoons Network hit anime/comedy series about a struggling American actor-turned-Japanese anime star, migrated to Nickelodeon as of Aug. 20, 2006, at 11:00 am, leading into the net's new series, SHURIKEN SCHOOL at 11:30 am.

The series, which first debuted to critical acclaim on Nickelodeons sister channel, Nicktoons Network, in Feb. 2006, was MTV Networks first global acquisition. In May 2006, the first season of the series launched across all of Nickelodeons international channels, including Nick Asia, Nick UK, Nick Spain, Nick France and Nick Europe.

All new episodes (that have not yet aired on Nicktoons Network) will debut on Nickelodeon in the regular series timeslot, Sundays at 11:00 am.

Episodes of KAPPA MIKEY will continue to air on Nicktoons Network, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30 pm. The original animated comedy series was developed by Nickelodeon and created and exec produced by Larry Schwarz of Animation Collective.

KAPPA MIKEY is the only anime television series created and produced in the U.S. (New York City). Done in Flash, the 52-episode series is written like a sitcom and the story contains a show within a show. Each episode takes place on and off the set of LilyMu, a fictional Japanese TV series starring once-struggling American actor, Mikey Simon, as he adjusts to his new role as Kappa Mikey, the biggest animé star Japan has ever seen.

With its distinct creative style, blending a combination of American and Japanese animation, Mikey, drawn in thick-lined Pop Graphic style, is the only character on the show not depicted in anime. The series contains many pop-culture references and jokes for kids and adults alike.

KAPPA MIKEY is a breakout hit for Nicktoons Network and it fits in with Nickelodeons audience perfectly it is stuffed with great dynamic characters and funny, laugh out loud storylines, said Tom Ascheim, vp/gm, Nickelodeon Television. We are excited to bring this unique world, with its beautiful anime style, to our air.

The theme song from KAPPA MIKEY is performed and created by DefSTAR Records (a Sony Music Group Company) recording artists, Beat Crusaders ( In spite of having only made a major label debut in 2004, lead vocalist Toru Hidaka has arranged and produced some of Japans top musicians and supervised the musical aspects of the hit Japanese animated series, BECK.

Animation Collective ( is the largest animation studio in New York City with more original series (12) in production than any other animation studio in the world. The company is a leader in creating childrens programming for television, the Internet, home video and other platforms. Schwarz is the creator/exec producer of all of Animation Collectives original television series, including KAPPA MIKEY, THUMB WRESTLING FEDERATION: TWF, LEADER DOG and TORTELLINI WESTERN for Nicktoons Network and ELLENS ACRES and HTDT for Cartoon Network. In addition, Schwarz served as producer of WULIN WARRIORS for Cartoon Network and the first season of THE INCREDIBLE CRASH DUMMIES for 4KidsTV. Animation Collective is the largest provider of original content for KOL, America Onlines kids channel and Red, its teen channel.