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Kaena: The Prophecy Gets U.S. Release

The long in the works French production KAENA: THE PROPHECY will be getting a U.S. theatrical run from IDP Distribution starting July 4, 2004. The film debuted in France September 2003.

The film was produced by Chaman Productions, Studio Canal and TVA International with Pascal Pinon and Chris Delaporte making their debut as directors. It boasts an impressive voice cast that includes Kirsten Dunst (SPIDER-MAN) as Kaena, Richard Harris (HARRY POTTER) and Anjelica Huston (ROYAL TENEBAUMS). The tree world Axis is in danger of running out of sap, which leads rebellious Kaena to disobey her tribes laws and venture to the deepest roots of Axis to find the source of the trouble.

IDP Distribution was established as a partnership of Fireworks Pictures, Samuel Goldwyn Films, and Stratosphere Entertainment to market and distribute motion pictures. For more information, contact the company at 1133 Broadway, Ste. 926, New York, NY 10010; tel: (212) 367-9435; or fax: (212) 367-0853.

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