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Just-released Animation Blast #4 features original John K. cover!

Issue 4 of the printed Animation Blast is now shipping. This 32-pagespectacular features an original cover by Ren & Stimpy creator JohnKricfalusi, along with an in-depth story about John K.'s Yogi Bear shortsthat aired on Cartoon Network. Additionally, there's an informativeinterview with the legendary Gene Hazelton, who designed Bob Clampett's"Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs;" unpublished Bill Scott gag drawings; andan article by historian Jerry Beck about the recently restored "lost"Columbia cartoons of the '30s and '40s. Other features include an interviewwith "Bone" comic creator Jeff Smith, four book reviews, a look atanimators who have directed live-action shorts, famous artists who workedat Walter Lantz Productions, an explosive new "Big Pants Mouse" comic stripfrom Spumco artist Gabe Swarr, and much more. Issues can be ordered throughthe Animation Blast website, the AWN Newsstand (, or can be found nationally andinternationally at Tower Records. For readers who want a little somethingspecial, there is a very limited number of issues (only 25) that are signedby animation bigshot John Kricfalusi. Be sure to act now before theseissues are gone for good!