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JSM Scores With KeyCorp Tune

Composer and sound designer Andy Bloch tuned in the newest KeyCorp commercial for JSM. The 30-second spot, "Airplane," features special effects by Digital Domain and highlights KeyCorps retirement planning services. The airy tune follows the flight of a paper airplane on its journey from a New York office building to a sunny beach, where a man unfolds the plane and reads the message, "Im on my way!" Andy Bloch said of the project, "The picture demanded a lyrical approach, a feeling of lightness since we are following the flight of a paper airplane. I wanted to keep the music mysterious, a little off strategy. The spot features the solo cello, played by the young virtuoso Borislav Strulen, and to tie it into the previous spot there is very subtle use of gamelan percussion which helped create some haunting elements." Peter Jopling served as the visual effects supervisor for Digital Domain and Joel Simon was the executive producer for JSM. The ad was produced for Minneapolis-based advertising agency Campbell Mithun Esty.

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