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Jones Has $25 Million So Far, Enough for About 500,000 Fedoras

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL made a reported $25 million domestic gross from 4,260 theaters on Thursday, according to VARIETY.

It's a strong, but not record-breaking opening for the film, which will have a long Memorial Day weekend plus one day for its official opening weekend. Paramount is distributing the film, which opened day-and-date around the world, for George Lucas' Lucasfilm.

INDY 4 had the fourth-best Thursday opening ever, after Lucas' STAR WARS: EPISODE III -- REVENGE OF THE SITH, which grossed $50 million in its opening day, THE MATRIX RELOADED, which grossed $42.5 million and STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES, which grossed $30.1 million. All four opened in May.

Starring Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Shia LaBeouf, Karen Allen and Ray Winstone, INDY 4 marks the return of the blockbuster franchise to the big screen after nearly 20 years. The film has been tracking strongly despite some mixed reviews.

The film got off to a strong start in France and Belgium on Wednesday, opening with a $2.2 million gross. International numbers for Thursday were unavailable Friday morning.