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Jonah Sails To Home Video March 4th

The ever-popular VeggieTales characters are trekking to DVD and VHS on March 4, 2003 with the Artisan Home Entertainment and Big Idea Productions release of JONAH - A VEGGIETALES MOVIE. Starring Larry the Cucumber (as Pirate Larry, the laziest pirate in the world) and Bob the Tomato (as himself), as well as upper-crusty Archibald the Asparagus as Jonah, the monocle-sporting prophet, JONAH - A VEGGIETALES MOVIE is the first VeggieTales story to receive a theatrical release. The film earned an estimated $25 million at the box-office and Big Idea Productions has already planned a theatrical sequel. Jonah will get a "whale-sized" 2-disc DVD release, packed with special features including never-before-seen outtakes produced specifically for the home video release; audio commentaries; five featurettes, including "Making the Movie," "The Studio Process" and "Big Idea Tour with Phil Vischer;" music videos; Spanish-language track and more. The title is also available on special edition VHS, which includes the outtakes. Suggested retail price: DVD $24.98; VHS $19.98.

Phil Vischer, founder of Big Idea Productions, explains how he turned a bunch of God loving vegetables into one of the hottest commodities around. Let's face itthese legumes are cute! Really cute! Rick DeMott reports.