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Jolly Rabbit Sets Sail For U.K. And Australia

Animation Collective has new broadcast sales for its new animated comedy, JOLLY RABBIT. The series has been acquired by the BBC in the U.K. to air on CBBC, and ABC TV in Australia. The 52x11 series was also recently picked-up by Canal+ Family in France.

An out-of-the-box series aimed at pre-teen boys, JOLLY RABBIT follows the madcap adventures of a spunky, early-teen rabbit as he navigates the seas with his band of punk-rocking buddies in search of his missing leg. Together, the boys have wild adventures, made all the more interesting by the relentless Captain Squid, who unluckily stole Jolly's left leg and now will stop at nothing to get the right one.

As part of its multi-platform initiative, the television series will be accompanied by an interactive website complete with games, activities, and exclusive content. With music as a key component, Jolly Rabbit's house band will release videos, albums and individual tracks through online retailers and on other platforms.