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Join The Kung Fu Panda Party at McDonald's

Celebrating the debut of McDonald's KUNG FU PANDA Happy Meal promotion, McDonald's, DreamWorks Animation and Conservation International are creating Panda-mania worldwide by inviting kids and families to a one-of-a-kind KUNG FU PANDA party.

Beginning June 6 through July 3 at McDonald's restaurants in North America, and then rolling out across the globe, McDonald's KUNG FU PANDA Happy Meal program features exclusive characters from DreamWorks Animation's upcoming KUNG FU PANDA film.

McDonald's young patrons will receive one of eight KUNG FU PANDA toys with the purchase of a Happy Meal at participating McDonald's restaurants, while supplies last. The eight action characters include Po the Panda, Master Shifu, snow leopard Tai Lung and the Furious Five, Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey, all of which bring the movie's Kung Fu awesomeness and bodacious humor to life for kids and collectors.

McDonald's continues the fun online at to encourage kids to get active and learn more about pandas and their environment. Fun panda animal facts are provided through the company's long-time alliance with Conservation International (CI). The online KUNG FU PANDA party also offers kids the chance to become the ultimate Kung Fu master with online games, energetic offline activities and Kung Fu dance demonstrations.

"The McDonald's KUNG FU PANDA Happy Meal event is all about having fun," said Kathy Pyle, senior director of marketing, McDonald's USA. "We are excited to give kids the opportunity to recreate the adventures of Po and the Furious Five not only with this unique collection of Happy Meal toys, but by providing kids with an awesome online experience that is both entertaining and energizing."

Just as Po the Panda goes on his own quest for empowerment in the film, McDonald's guests can experience their own Kung Fu action-packed epic adventure at McDonald's online KUNG FU PANDA party invites kids to kick up an adventure with Po the Panda and the Furious Five; try out the new hip-hop panda dance; send their friends a custom Pandagram; take the Kung Fu Challenge; and get their names on the Wall of Awesomeness.

The KUNG FU PANDA-themed Happy Meal box, Apple Dippers and low fat Milk Jugs, as well as restaurant trayliners each feature digital codes that unlock new moves in the You Kung Fu online activity that allows kids to upload their own photo and practice Kung Fu with Po the Panda.

In addition, kids can learn about pandas and how McDonald's and Conservation International have joined together to protect panda habitats. The site offers a place to see pandas in the wild via a special "panda-cam" where kids can view real pandas in their actual habitat.

"Not only is the panda China's national symbol, but it's one of our planet's most beloved animals, yet few realize that less than 1,600 are left in the wild," said Peter Seligmann, CEO and chairman, CI. "That's why we're pleased to align with a leadership company like McDonald's who is not only supporting our work to protect pandas, but helping us deliver this important message in a unique way to inspire and empower the next generation of conservation leaders to take action to protect our environment."

McDonald's is helping to make a difference by supporting CI projects in China that are working to protect panda habitats.

The KUNG FU PANDA online party will be available in English on June 6 and will roll out around the world in 12 languages as the film is released throughout the year.

The McDonald's Happy Meal KUNG FU PANDA commercial, produced by Leo Burnett, features two child Kung Fu experts vying for the last Chicken McNugget left from a Happy Meal. The children worked with Master Yuen, a Kung Fu expert who trained under the same trainer as legendary actor and Kung Fu Master Jackie Chan, to create the commercial. Master Yuen is a well-known director and actor that has been studying Kung Fu for the past 40 years and credits his sport for teaching discipline and keeping one focused on life. The commercial is available in 23 languages. To view the commercial, visit