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'Johnny Test' Season Five Now Available on Netflix

DHX Media announces the availability of the fifth season of the hit comedy series, “Johnny Test,” on Netflix “Just for Kids” across the US.

Toronto, Canada -- DHX Media announces the availability of the fifth season of the hit comedy series, Johnny Test, on Netflix “Just for Kids” across the US. Netflix "Just for Kids" makes it easier and more fun for kids and families to browse and instantly watch a large selection of kid-friendly TV shows and movies.  In addition to the 26 new half-hour episodes, all previous seasons of Johnny Test are also available for Netflix members to stream instantly.

Take one part spiky hair, two parts genius sisters, a dash of talking dog, mix thoroughly and the result is an action-packed animated series about a boy willing to try anything in the name of science.  Created by Scott Fellows, Johnny Test follows the zany adventures of an 11-year old boy who serves as the ultimate guinea pig for his two brainiac sisters, Susan and Mary. 

In this season on Netflix, gut-busting laughs will be heard from kids across the nation.  Check out a sampling of what’s to come in Johnny’s hilarious fifth season:

  •  “Spotless Johnny”, Johnny uses a cleaning agent his sisters’ made… on himself!  He soon discovers the advantages and disadvantages of being invisible. 
  •  “Lakeside Johnny”, Johnny gets sent to a broken-down summer camp where pets aren't allowed.  Dukey manages to stowaway anyway and chaos and laughter ensue.
  • “Johnny the Magician”, Johnny becomes Johnny the Amazingly Amazing magician, thanks to the girls Magi-nator. His success takes him to Paris where he makes the Eiffel Tower disappear, but his magical talents unexpectedly go "poof!' and the French want their landmark back!
  • “Johnny Snow Ball” Johnny sends out an invitation for a Snow Ball that everyone interprets to be a winter dance.  But he left out the word "fight" so everyone is surprised by the most epic snowball fight ever.

Source: DHX Media