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Johnny Depp to Voice Legend of Jack Sparrow Videogame

Johnny Depp will lend his voice as Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming videogame, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE LEGEND OF JACK SPARROW. Slated for a June 27 release for the PlayStation2 and the PC, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE LEGEND OF JACK SPARROW features a blend of fast-paced action and adventure from Bethesda Softworks.

We are thrilled to have Johnny Depp working on this project, said Todd Vaughn, exec producer of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE LEGEND OF JACK SPARROW. We couldnt imagine a better way to capture the spirit of the character than to have Depp lend his voice to Captain Jack Sparrow. It truly adds to an already rich gameplay experience.

Depp received a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for his work in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL in 2004.

The game was developed by Seven Studios and Bethesda Softworks and distributed under license from Buena Vista Games Inc. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE LEGEND OF JACK SPARROW enables gamers to play as Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, slashing and hacking their way through fully interactive and immersive environments.

Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Bethesda Softworks Llc. (, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media Inc., is a premier developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. It has produced numerous award-winning titles, most recently with THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION and THE ELDER SCROLLS III: MORRROWIND. Among Bethesdas more popular franchises are THE ELDER SCROLLS series and FALLOUT, as well as its licensed properties, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Trek. Its product line spans the sports, racing, RPG, strategy, and action genres.

Los Angeles-based Seven Studios was founded in 1999 and has grown into a group of experienced artists, designers, programmers and managers who have the common goal of creating the highest quality entertainment software.

Buena Vista Games, Inc. (BVG, ( is the interactive entertainment arm of The Walt Disney Co. BVG publishes, markets and distributes a broad portfolio of multi-platform videogames and interactive entertainment worldwide. The company also licenses properties and works directly with third-party interactive game publishers to bring products for all ages to market.