John K To Do Flintstone's Toon For Cartoon Network Online has announced that they have signed John Kricfalusi to a six short deal. Characters featured in his Web Premiere Toons will include the Jetsons, Yogi Bear and Fred and Barney of THE FLINTSTONES. John K's Spumco Inc. will produce the shorts. John Kricfalusi, creator and producer of THE REN & STIMPY SHOW, started his career at Hanna-Barbera. The first toon is scheduled to go live sometime in May. "John is considered one of the top creative forces in animation - online and on television," said Sam Register, senior vice president and creative director of Cartoon Network Online. "We're excited to add him to the roster of top animation talent working with Cartoon" Kricfalusi is also a online pioneer, creating on of the first Webtoons THE GODDAMN GEORGE LIQUOR PROGRAM and most recently WEEKEND PUSSY HUNT for the now defunct

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