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John K. Is Back With All New Ren & Stimpy

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! John Kricfalusi's revolutionary animated series THE REN & STIMPY SHOW is back with six new original episodes. Cable network The New TNN (part of the MTV Networks family) has signed Kricfalusi to produce new original episodes of THE REN & STIMPY SHOW to air as part of TNN's new primetime adult animation block, scheduled to launch in the spring of 2003. The six new episodes will be presented in addition to all 52 episodes of the original series. "John Kricfalusi is an original and we are thrilled to have him join with Stan Lee (STRIPPERELLA) and Kelsey Grammer (GARY THE RAT) in helping us produce a new era of creator-driven animation for a new adult generation," said Albie Hecht, president, film and television entertainment, Nickelodeon, TV Land and The New TNN. Launched on Nickelodeon in 1991, THE REN & STIMPY SHOW earned an Emmy nomination in 1993. For the new series, John is assembling many of the original writers, which should guarantee the same brand of wacky humor. "I am very happy to be back at work on what is one of my favorite projects," said Kricfalusi. "The whole gang is back - it's just like the old days - only ruder!" In addition to THE REN & STIMPY SHOW, John Kricfalusi's credits include work on THE NEW JETSONS and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE. The series is produced by Spumco, Inc., and Kricfalusi serves as creator/producer/director. John is currently living in Ottawa, Canada, and there is no official word yet on where the series will be produced. Stay tuned

Have you ever thought that Ren and Stimpy's popularity was based on their abstract representation of our early '90s fears and anxieties regarding political uncertainty and the AIDS epidemic? Well, Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman has.