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JoeCartoon Launches One-Stop Humor Portal

JoeCartoon, who was recently acquired by Endemol USA, announced the re-launch of its new 'humor portal' The revamped website offers an enhanced user-friendly interface.

"Our fans have always trusted that a visit to JoeCartoon would be an in your face, one-of-a-kind experience," said Joseph C. Shields, founder, JoeCartoon. "The old JoeCartoon site was a big, fat, juicy cheeseburger for the mind; whereas the new site is a side of Black Angus beef covered in 20 cans of cheese wiz that has been grilled on a spit, over a blazing fire! This new experience will take fans to new heights and far surpass expectations."

The video section is broken up into five video subsections, including:* Beer -- "so much beer so little time"* Funny -- "well we think so"* Cool -- "features animation and other creatively inspired pieces"* Commercials -- "nuff said"* Crazy -- "better them then us"

Additionally, for the first time ever, the site will feature online videogames that incorporate JoeCartoon characters in a cool retro 70's style. The website will also post new videos daily, release a new video podcast on iTunes weekly and feature a new JoeCartoon themed game and cartoon on a monthly basis.

The new site also features many new elements that will let their rabid fan base in on the fun. Mike Tuinstra, ceo, JoeCartoon, added, "We're very excited about the recent changes at The new site is a one-stop humor portal. If you have five minutes to kill, is where you'll go. Our fans are the best, and the site grows through our online community. We encourage participation through the Church of Joe Blog, forum, contests, videogames, video submissions, Myspace and YouTube."

Following the success of FROG IN A BLENDER, JoeCartoon has created more than 50 original shorts including GERBIL IN A MICROWAVE, SUPERFLY and THUH GREENFIELDS. JoeCartoon characters have also been seen on MTV and G4 networks.

For more information, visit

Endemol USA is a leading producer of television programming specializing in reality and non-scripted genres for network and cable television. The company produces the breakout hits, DEAL OR NO DEAL, EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, FEAR FACTOR and BIG BROTHER. Endemol USA is a division of Endemol Holding, a prominent international content developer, producer and distributor of television and online programming. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands, has subsidiaries and joint ventures in twenty-one countries, including the major European markets, the U.S., South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Endemol Entertainment is a fully owned subsidiary of telecommunications giant Telefa S.A., one of the largest companies in Spain.

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