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Joe Cartoon Co. Sues For Cybersquatting

Joe Cartoon Company has filed a lawsuit against two entities, John

Zuccarini and Cupcake City, for the violation of the newly enacted

Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit is one of the first

cases filed under the anticybersquatting statute in the U.S. The act

outlaws the unauthorized use of an Internet domain name that is

"confusingly similar" to another name, for the purpose of intercepting

users of the pre-existing domain. Filed with United States District Court,

Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Joe Cartoon Company, with domain name, is seeking damages and an injunctive relief for

infringement against the two companies "" and

"" Joe Cartoon Co. was established in December 1998 and

with such cartoons as FROG IN A BLENDER, GERBIL IN A MICROWAVE, LUMP and

LEMMINGS, it has grown into one of the most popular independent

entertainment sites on the Web.

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