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On-The-Job Training Programs Available At Film & TV Connection

Looking for a way into the animation industry..?

Looking for a way into the animation industry? Check out Film & TVConnection, an educational program where you train on-site at a majordesign house, film studio, video production company, radio or TVstation. Your mentor/teacher is an actual working studio head,animator, director or designer, so you get the latest technology andtechniques. You attend the program in your own town and can evenschedule it around your current job. Once you graduate you've got: 1)an education, 2) work experience, and 3) connections -- the mostvital ingredient in securing a job. Check out their site at

Or call to listen to a 24-hour recorded explanation, where you canalso leave your name to get a free video or CD-ROM: 1-800-755-7597(310-535-0989 outside the U.S.).