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Job Opportunities For Animators, Modelers, Programmers, Instructors And More

Boston, Massachusetts' Animation Technologies, Inc. is looking for a DIGITAL ANIMATOR . . . Hollywood, California's ASHELOCKE DESIGN GROUP is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR (UNPAID) . . . Bangalore, India's Bionic Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is looking for a DIRECTOR PROGRAMMER . . . Toronto, Ontario's Bitcasters is looking for a SHOCKWAVE PROGRAMMER . . . Chennai, India's CHENNAI STUDIOS is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Clay Pixel Studios - India is looking for an ART SCHOOL RECRUITER and a STRATEGIC ADVISOR/EXECUTIVE . . . Berlin, Germany's DFA is looking for a 3D MODELER . . . Ukiah, California's Digitech, Inc. is looking for an ANIMATOR . . . Little Falls, New Jersey's Hypnotix Inc. is looking for a 3D MODELER and a CEL ANIMATOR . . . Nucleus Corporation is looking for a CGI ANIMATED FEATURE DEVELOPER . . . Mumbai, India's Octoplus Entertainment is looking for a 3D CHARACTER ARTIST / ANIMATOR, a GAME AGENT and a GAME DESIGNER . . . Palo Alto, California's PDI/DreamWorks is looking for a CLOTHING FX ANIMATOR and a HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER . . . London, England's Probe IT is looking for an ANIMATOR, a GRAPHIC ARTIST, a JUNIOR 2D/3D CHARACTER ARTIST, a JUNIOR TEXTURE ARTIST and a SENIOR/LEAD ARTIST . . . Chennai, India's Reality Graphics is looking for an AGENT . . . Los Angeles, California's Rhythm & Hues Studios is looking for a STAFF ACCOUNTANT . . . India's Sriven Multitech is looking for an AGENT/REPRESTATIVE/MARKETING MANAGER and a CLEAN-UP ARTIST . . . Hollywood, California's Super 78 is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Swansea, Wales's Swansea Institute of Higher Education is looking for a LECTURER . . . Yearn to Learn Limited is looking for a CGI CHARACTER ARTIST, a CGI MODELER and a CGI ANIMATOR.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.