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Job Opportunities For Animators, Instructors, Agents, Art Directors And More

Art Institute San Francisco is looking for a part-time INSTRUCTOR IN MOTION & LIGHTING AND TEXTURE MAPPING and a 2D/3D ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR . . . Los Angeles, California's is looking for a ANIMATION AGENT . . . Bangalore, India's Colorcanvas Inc. is looking for a ANIMATION AGENT . . . New York, NY's Curious Pictures is looking for INTERNS for traditional cel animation as well as for Flash character animation . . . Valencia, Spain's Dos Produccions Cinematograficas is looking for a 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR for an upcoming CGI feature film . . . New York, New York's Hurd Studios is looking for a SENIOR 3D ANIMATOR . . . Impact Productions is looking for a BACKGROUND PAINTER/PRODUCTION DESIGNER. . . Johannesburg, South Africa's Lovebomb Animation is looking for a STUDIO AGENT/REPRESENTATIVE . . . Vancouver, BC's Mainframe Entertainment Inc is looking for an ART DIRECTOR for a direct-to-video feature . . . Glendale, California's is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR/ACTION SCRIPTOR. . . Valencia, California's NXTdream Films is looking for a STOP MOTION ANIMATOR . . . Palo Alto, California's PDI/DreamWorks is looking for a SENIOR CG MODELER . . . tidex, a technology company based in Israel, is looking for a GAME DESIGNER to design an adventure/quest game . . . Tampa, Florida's Tri-Dimensional Studios Corporation is looking for an ANIMATION AGENT . . . video game publisher Ubi Soft Entertainment is looking for an ART DIRECTOR and a LEAD MODELER . . . recruitment company Email Your CV is looking for an ANIMATOR and a SENIOR GAME DESIGNER.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN'sCareer Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.