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Job Opportunities For Animators, Game Designers, Writers, Instructors And More

Toronto, Canada's 10plus1 Communications is looking for a STORYBOARD ASSISTANT . . . San Francisco, California's Academy of Art College is looking for a COMPUTER ARTS MANAGEMENT . . . Calgary, Alberta's Amtc Digital Animation is looking for a MAYA INSTRUCTOR . . . West Hollywood, California's ChunkyTUT Pictures is looking for an ANIMATION ILLUSTRATOR/DESIGNER . . . West Hollywood, California's Deep Magic, Limited is looking for an ASSOCIATE CHARACTER ANIMATOR and a SENIOR CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . San Francisco, California's Freak Show Films is looking for an AGENT . . . Hitchy-Koo Productions is looking for a PHOTO SHOP GENIUS FOR 2D FEATURES . . . New York, New York's Just 2 Guys is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . New York, New York's MF2 is looking for a SHORT FILM SCREENWRITER . . . Networking People USA is looking for GAME & LEVEL DESIGNERS . . . London, UK's Probe Games is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR, a 3D ARTIST, a GAMES ANIMATOR and a GAMES DESIGNER . . . San Diego, California's SD Animation is looking for a CEL PAINTER (BY HAND NON-COMPUTER) . . . Quezon City, Philippines' T. M.Digital Ware Graphics is looking for a DIGITAL ARTIST . . . Jamshedpur, India's Toonbox Animations is looking for an INBETWEENER . . . Vancouver, BC's Vancouver Film School is looking for an INSTRUCTOR . . . Portland, OR's Vinton Studios is looking for a COMMERCIAL CG SR. TD/CHAR. SETUP.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.