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Job Opportunities For Animators, Directors, Agents, Instructors And More

Washington, DC's Capital Children's Museum is looking for a VIDEO EDITING/DOCUMENTARY INTERN . . . Sunnyvale, California's Clay Pixel Studios is looking for a COMPUTER ANIMATION ENTREPRENEUR . . . Cornerstone Animation Inc. is looking for an EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT. . . Beit Shemesh, Israel's Digital Production Solutions is looking for a 3DSMAX ANIMATOR . . . Port Monmouth, New Jersey's Dream Balloon Productions, Inc. is looking for a 2D CHARACTER ANIMATOR and an ANIMATION BUDGET DIRECTOR . . . HyperGalaxy, Inc. is looking for a SALES REPRESENTATIVE . . . Interior Expressions is looking for an IMAGE EDITOR . . . Glendale, California's NeoPets, Inc. is looking for an ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR . . . Palo Alto, California's PDI/DreamWorks is looking for CHARACTER TD TRAINEES . . . Denver, Colorado's Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design is looking for an ANIMATION CHAIR and an ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR . . . Sunset Studios is looking for CGI MODELERS . . . New York, New York's The Filmmakers is looking for a 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Charlottetown, PEI's Trapeze is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR . . . Bangalore, India's Trigyn Technologies is looking for a GAME PROGRAMMER . . . University of Southern California is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR . . . WilcoLinks, Inc. is looking for an AGENT . . . Australia's Zhytek Animation is looking for an AGENT.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.