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Job Opportunities For Animators, Directors, Agents, Instructors And More

Ottawa, Canada's Dynomight Cartoons is looking for a LAYOUT & POSING COORDINATOR . . . EmailYourCV is looking for an ARTIST/ANIMATOR . . . Munich, Germany's Neue Bioskop Film is looking for a STUDIO MANAGER . . . Birmingham, Alabama's Otterworks is looking for a CARTOON ANIMATION AGENT . . . Montreal, Canada's Pascal Blais Productions is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR . . . West Lafayette, Indiana's Purdue University is looking for an INSTRUCTOR . . . Austin, Texas' Saab & Miller Productions is looking for an AGENT . . . Mui Wo, Hong Kong's STVDIO Media is looking for an ANIMATOR/ANIMATION DIRECTOR . . . Toronto, Canada's Trapeze is looking for a 2D CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Provo, Utah's Zygote Media, Inc. is looking for a 3D/VFX/BROKER . . . Cochin, Kerala, India's Katuns is looking for a TECHNICAL DIRECTOR.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.