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Job Opportunities For Animators, Directors, Agents, Instructors And More

JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR ANIMATORS, DIRECTORS, AGENTS, INSTRUCTORS AND MORE.Kerala, India's Abduction Productions is looking for a 3D STUDIO MAX ARTIST and a SENIOR 3D MAX ARTIST . . . Salt Lake City, Utah's Acclaim Studios SLC is looking for a 3D ARTIST and a CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Long Beach, California's Brooks College is looking for an INSTRUCTOR to teach modeling techniques to beginning animators using 3D Studio Max 4 . . . Looseleaf Productions Inc., a small New York-based animation studio specializing in Flash production is looking for an AGENT . . . Los Angeles, California's Parallax Studioworks is looking for an AFTER EFFECTS DESIGNER/DIRECTOR and a DIRECTOR . . . Palo Alto, California's PDI/DreamWorks is looking for a COLOR CALIBRATION TECHNICIAN . . . Santa Monica, California's Threshold Digital Research Labs is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR and a SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR . . . New York, New York's Center for Advanced Digital Applications - New York University is looking for part-time instructors to fill the following positions: COMBUSTION INSTRUCTOR, DIGITAL MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION INSTRUCTOR, LIGHTING AND RENDERING INSTRUCTOR, VISUAL LITERACY INSTRUCTOR, CHARACTER ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR and a XSI INSTRUCTOR.

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