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Job Opportunities For Animators, Directors, Agents, Illustrators And More.

Animindia is looking for an ANIMATION DIRECTOR and KEY ANIMATORS for its Hyderabad, India-based studio . . . Detroit, Michigan's BIG GAME PRODUCTIONS is looking for a WRITER . . . Portland, Oregon's cartoonmonkey studio is looking for a ANIMATION AGENT . . . Melbourne, Australia's Glen Art Productions, a stop-motion animation studio, is looking for an AGENT / REPRESENTATIVE . . . Detroit, Michigan's KPC ANIMATION STUDIO is looking for a 2D/3D ANIMATOR and a STORYBOARD/ILLUSTRATOR . . . The Ninjai Gang, an online & offline content creation group is looking for a KEY ANIMATOR . . . Hampton, Virginia's Planners Collaborative, Inc. is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR to work with the Video Services Team at NASA Langley Research Center . . . Agoura Hills, California's The Krislin Company is looking for the following positions: 2D CHARACTER ANIMATOR, 2D LAYOUT ARTIST and 3D STUDIOMAX ARTIST for a direct-to-video production . . . Milan, Italy's Ubik Visual Effects is looking for a 3D LIGHTING/TEXTURING/SHADING EXPERT with Maya experience . . . Wow-wee Productions in Brighton, East Sussex, U.K. is looking for a SCRIPT WRITER for an animated series . . . Los Angeles, California's MRM Productions is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN'sCareer Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.