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Job Opportunities For Animators, Artists, Agents, Instructors And More

India's Chennai Studios is looking for an AGENT, a DISTRIBUTOR and a SALES DIRECTOR . . . Sunnyvale, California's Clay Pixel Studios is looking for a BUSINESS PLAN DRAFTER . . . Ukiah, California's Digitech, Inc. is looking for an ANIMATOR . . . Hollywood, California's Klasky Csupo is looking for a CGI ANIMATOR, a LIGHTER, a MODELER and a TEXTURE ARTIST . . . Dubai's Media Tech is looking for a COORDINATOR and an EDITOR . . . Chennai, India's MUV Media is looking for a COMIC BOOK ARTIST and a STORYBOARD ARTIST . . . Glendale, California's NeoPets, Inc. is looking for a CONTENT WRITER . . . Saskatoon, Canada's New Media Campus is looking for a MAYA ANIMATOR-INSTRUCTOR . . . New York, New York's Nick Digital is looking for a DIGITAL ARTIST . . . A small group of 5 independent animators in California is looking for a TRADITIONAL 2D CLEAN-UP artist. . . Palo Alto, California's PDI/DreamWorks is looking for aCG TECHNICAL RECRUITER . . . Toon Factory is looking for CARTOONISTS (UNPAID) . . . San Francisco, California's TSC/Blue Marble Studios is looking for a 3D GRAPHICS PROGRAMMER . . . Los Angeles, California's Unbound Studios is looking for a FLASH PROGRAMMER . . . Glendale, California's Walt Disney Imagineering, Research & Development/VR Studio is looking for an ANIMATION TECHNICAL DIRECTOR.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.