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Job Opportunities For Animators, Agents, Programmers, Instructors And More

Ridgecrest, California's Cerro Coso Community College is looking for a DIGITAL ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR . . . Fullerton, California's College of the Visual Arts is looking for an ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ART - ENTERTAINMENT ART/ANIMATION . . . Cyberploc Studio is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR and a MAYA MODELER . . . Winter Park, Florida's Full Sail Real World Education is looking for a COMPUTER ANIMATION LAB INSTRUCTOR . . . Boston, Massachusetts' Gibbs Boston is looking for a MAYA/AFTER EFFECTS INSTRUCTOR . . . Vancouver, BC's GVFX is looking for a 3D LEAD to supervise a team of animators . . . Media Guru is looking for a FLASH ACTION SCRIPTER/FLASH DATABASE PROGRAMMER . . . Chennai (Madras), India's MUV STUDIOS is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Cochin, Kerala, India's NeST Animation is looking for KEY ANIMATORS . . . Networking People is looking for a 2D/3D ARTIST and a 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . . Bristol, UK's Probe IT is looking for a PROGRAMMER . . . Toronto, Ontario's SimEx Inc. is looking for a MAYA ANIMATOR/TEXTURER and a SOFTIMAGE ANIMATOR/TEXTURER . . . Trenton, New Jersey's Two Animators is looking for an ANIMATION AGENT . . . Worldfilm Productions is looking for ALL POSITIONS - UNPAID . . . Oakville, Ontario's Worldisland Studios is looking for an ANIMATION AGENT

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.