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J.J. Sedelmaier Cleans House For Clorox

J.J. Sedelmaier Productions has finished a new commercial for Clorox Clean-up spray cleaner. "Side-by-side Houses" shows two houses, one cleaned by Lysol and the other by Clorox. The voice over says, "Both houses are clean," but then the Lysol house sneezes, and the narrator continues with, "Clorox Clean-up spray destroys ninety-nine percent of all allergens." The spot ends with the Clorox house smiling happily. Sedelmaier brought in designer/illustrator Bonnie Timmons to bring her watercolor style and sweet sensibility to the characters. "I felt Bonnies style was the way to go because the Clorox house has to be defined as the good house without seeming snooty," said director J.J. Sedelmaier. "This spot gave a great opportunity to do some charming character animation in a minimal yet still sophisticated style." Sedelmaier worked with North Hollywood-based Virtual Magic to create the watercolor look of the ink and paint. "We created individual levels of color, separate from the line animation, and adjusted the transparency and opacity to retain the watercolor look of the backgrounds. Virtual Magic scanned the backgrounds as a guide so we could keep all our color relationships consistent." The commercial was created for San Francisco-based DDB Needham.

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