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J.J. Sedelmaier Animates "Tons of Ts" For Old Navy

J.J. Sedelmaier Productions animated its fifth 30-second spot for Old Navy. In the commercial "Tons of Ts," the animated Old Navy kids cut loose to the Jackson Five tune "ABC," as they model dozens of new T-shirts. The spot ends with an animated version of Old Navy's spokesdog Magic jumping into a T-shirt hanging on a clothesline. "In past spots, the spokes-characters have carried the action but 'Tons of Ts' took a difference approach, with the characters basically appearing as graphics, in effect becoming clothes-horses for the stars, the t-shirts, which were photographed rather than animated," said Sedelmaier. "First we created animation of the T-shirts, then we took the drawings to Tom Contrino's photo studio where we used them as precise modeling guides. Tom took about 250 photographs over a four-day shoot. The 4x5 transparencies were sent to California where Pacific Data Images color corrected the film for Old Navy and cut mattes for VirtualMagic (LA) to use as compositing guides for the color corrected images."

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