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Jimmy Neutron Team Brings Giant Snowman To Life

The Academy Award nominated team behind JIMMY NEUTRON is bringing their next project to the really big screen. Opening at IMAX theaters on November 1, 2002 is SANTA VS. THE SNOWMAN 3D, the first-ever IMAX 3D (yes, funny glasses needed) animated holiday film. Created by Steve Oedekerk, directed by John A. Davis, with animation provided by DNA Productions and Omation, SANTA VS. THE SNOWMAN features the celebrity voices of Jonathan Winters, Ben Stein and Victoria Jackson. The film tells the story of a lonely Snowman who at first is swept away by the magical wonders of Santa's Village, only to ultimately wage war on Santa because he is jealous of all the attention that Santa gets during Christmas time. Creator and executive producer Steve Oedekerk stated, "SANTA VS. THE SNOWMAN 3D captures the true holiday spirit, but with a comedic twist that I feel will keep adults as well as children entertained for years to come. Seeing the images in staggering size on the gigantic IMAX screen, in true 3D animation, brings narrative storytelling into a new dimension. We're getting a glimpse of the future here. The audience lives inside the film. It's really exciting, like watching what movies may be 50 years from now, a first step in redefining the experience of movie-going."

Rick DeMott took a look at Jimmy Neutron's amazing rise from DNA Productions in Texas to theatres and televisions sets around the world.