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JibJab Launches Massive Online Joke Sharing Community

JibJab Media, known for its entertaining Internet political animation satires GOOD TO BE IN DC! and THIS LAND, have launched JokeBox a place for people to get together online and share laughs, sort of a Comedy Central meets MySpace.

"We think of JokeBox like MySpace meets Comedy Central," said JibJab brother and co-founder, Grevan Spiridellis. "We have over 25,000 video, picture and written jokes at and our community is over 640,000 people strong. We're thrilled that so many people are making JibJab the place to come and share laughs."

Members may sign up for a free JokeBox, where they can store and organize their favorite funny emails in one place, share them with friends and discover the latest and greatest laughs online. JibJab's patent-pending technology enables members to easily add new jokes to their personal JokeBoxes by forwarding them to

The JibJab brothers came up with JokeBox after wishing that they had a place to store all the nutty email jokes that their dad sends them. After three months of beta testing, JokeBox is now open to the public. "Daddy JibJab's" JokeBox can be seen by the entire world at

To help keep JokeBox free of porn, hatred, violence and other types of "deplorable" trash, JibJab has enlisted its long-term, most dedicated members to join a volunteer, community police force called, "The A-Hole Patrol." Members of the "A-Hole Patrol" screen new jokes submitted by the community, as well as those already in circulation that have been flagged as "offensive" by other JibJab members.

"Our dream is to make JibJab a place that connects people in ways that spread as much laughter as possible," said co-founder, Grevan Spiridellis. "What business in the world could be better than that?"

To get a personal JibJab JokeBox visit to register and start sharing the laughs.

JibJab Media Inc. is a comedy network and creative studio founded by brothers Gregg and Evan Spiridellis in Brooklyn, New York, in 1999, and now is located in Santa Monica, California. The studio's election parodies THIS LAND and GOOD TO BE IN DC! were seen more than 80 million times during the 2004 election, turning JibJab into an overnight, household brand.