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Jetsons and Jonny Quest Arrive on DVD

Warner Home Video offers the next two entries in the "Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection" on May 11, 2004: THE JETSONS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON and JONNY QUEST: SEASON ONE. Each four-disc set, featuring more than 11 hours of original TV programming and bonus content, retails for $64.92.

"As two influential and timeless cartoon series that several generations of DVD consumers grew up watching, both THE JETSONS and JONNY QUEST have been in-demand for years to be released on DVD," said Christine Martinez, WHV, vp, Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing. "We are excited to partner with Hanna-Barbera, one of the leading television animation studios with a vast library of internationally recognized cartoon characters, to launch this remarkable new DVD collection."

THE JETSONS, the 21st century futuristic counterpart to THE FLINTSTONES, debuted in 1962 but lasted only a single season. However, the original 24 episodes continued to air for more than 15 years. Extras include:

* "Rosey the Robot" commentary by Janet Waldo* "A Date with Jet Screamer" commentary by Janet Waldo* "The Jetsons: The Family of the Future" featurette* "Nuclear Family Album" (character bios)*"Space Age Gadgets" featurette* "Rosey the Robotic" Maid featurette

Meanwhile, JONNY QUEST, the first animated action series, ran from 1964-65. All 26 episodes from Year One charting the fantastic exploits of brave and brainy Jonathan Quest are available along with the following bonus features:

* "Quest Files: Fun Facts & Trivia" (over episode "Double Danger")* "Adventures in Animation: A Cartoon Called Quest" featurette on Animators* "Jonny Quest Video Handbook" (bios on heroes, villains and locations) "P.F. Flyer Sneaker" commercial (original spot)