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Jetix Heats Up With Special "Super Summer Of Heroes"

Beginning June 13, 2005, Jetix will kick off a Super Summer of Heroes, an on-air and online programming event that includes the premiere of the popular 1990s animated series THE TICK and the return of FANTASTIC FOUR to ABC Familys Jetix block. Jetix airs evenings on Toon Disney and mornings on ABC Family, seven days a week.

Jetixs Super Summer of Heroes will be highlighted on-air and online with all new elements including a new interstitial series, which will provide viewers with trivia about various superheroes, as well as new programming bumpers and block IDs. Online at, a Super Summer of Heroes sub-site features new interactive games; a weekly Super Picks polls and quizzes with results revealed on-air; and a collectible Jetix poster puzzle that viewers complete by unlocking new pieces each week.

The action/adventure series THE TICK joins Jetix's programming lineup June 13 (11:00 pm, ET/PT) on Toon Disney and June 19 (11:00 am, ET/PT) on ABC Family. Created by comicbook artist Ben Edlund, THE TICK is an inventive, comic-based animated series that follows the everyday life of a seven-foot-tall, 400-lb. superhero with high-invulnerability and the battle cry, "Spoon!" and his moth-sidekick Arthur. The offbeat, quirky series originally aired for three seasons in the mid-1990s on Fox Kids and Comedy Central where it quickly gained a cult-like following and spawned a live-action primetime series.

Also on June 13, the original Jetix anime series SUPER ROBOT MONKEY TEAM HYPERFORCE GO! expands to seven nights a week, airing everyday from 8:00-8:30 pm during Toon Disneys Jetix block.

The animated series, FANTASTIC FOUR, returns to ABC Familys Jetix programming lineup on June 18 (10:30 am ET/PT). Created by Stan Lee, the comic book-based series follows Ben Grimm/The Thing, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm-Richards/The Invisible Woman and Johnny Storm/Human Torch as they band together and discover new things about their powers and use their unique powers to explore the strange aspects of the world, and to foil the evil plans of villains bent on world domination. Even as they deal with the various threats that arise to endanger Earth's peace, the Four must also contend with the pressures of fame as the world's most famous superheroes. On July 9, (8:00-11:00 am), ABC Family will present a special FANTASTIC FOUR marathon featuring the famous quartet with appearances by Captain America, Daredevil and Storm as they do battle with the toughest villains including Doctor Doom and Red Skull.

Jetixs Super Summer of Heroes will feature numerous special programming events throughout the summer including a special two-day "Villains vs. Heroes: Legends Collide" stunt featuring epic battles of some of Jetixs strongest heroes against their toughest foes June 18 and 19 on both Toon Disney and ABC Family; "Super Sunday Sagas," occurring every Sunday this summer on Toon Disney beginning July 10 (8:00-11:00 pm ET/PT) and highlighting popular superhero story arcs including the Neogenic Nightmare from SPIDER-MA" and the Phoenix Saga from X-MEN; and a special Power Rangers White Ranger Reveal marathon airing July 16 (8:00 11:00 am) on ABC Family and July 18 (7:00 10:00 pm) on Toon Disney and featuring a special one-hour episode of POWER RANGERS: SPACE PATROL DELTA as well as White Ranger episodes from previous seasons of the series.

Throughout the summer, the Jetix block on both channels will host a special weekly viewers choice polls entitled, "Super Picks," where viewers can vote online to determine which episodes of such series as POWER RANGERS: SPACE PATROL DELTA and SUPER ROBOT MONKEY TEAM HYPERFORCE GO! are aired.

September 2004-to-date, the Jetix block on Toon Disney (daily, 7:00 pm - 12:00 am ET/PT) boosted ratings from a year ago in its target demos of boys 2-11 and boys 6-11. The Jetix block on ABC Family (weekdays, 7:00 9:00 am ET/PT and weekends, 7:00 am - 12:00 pm ET/PT) delivers the richest concentration of boys 2-11, 79%, of all kids television platforms.

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