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Jetix Becomes New Home Of Pokemon In Europe

Jetix Europe has struck a deal with Pokemon USA to air the anticipated 11th season of POKEMON on its channels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As part of the deal for the season, POKEMON: DIAMOND & PEARL: BATTLE DIMENSION, will start to air on Jetix in the U.K. for the first time. The deal gives Jetix Europe pay TV rights as well as TV VOD rights in certain territories for the 52x22 series.

In the POKEMON: DIAMOND & PEARL series, Ash continues his adventures in the Sinnoh region where he reunites with Brock and they join up with Dawn, a Pokemon coordinator just beginning her journey to become a contest champion like her mother. Together the trio travel through the Sinnoh region so Ash can compete in the Sinnoh League, and Dawn in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, as well as fighting off the evil Team Rocket, Team Galactic and Pokemon Hunter, J.