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Jay Roth Appointed President of NewTek’s 3D Graphics Division

NewTek Inc. has named Jay Roth president of the 3D graphics division of the company. Roth, co-founder and former CEO of Electric Image Inc., has 25 years experience in the 3D visual effects and graphics industry. In his new role Roth will oversee the expansion of the 3D product line, the advancement of technical innovation in LightWave 3D, along with sales and marketing efforts relating to NewTeks 3D graphics offerings.

Under Roths guidance as ceo of Electric Image, the company achieved numerous milestones, including: development of the market-leading professional 3D application for the Macintosh; creation of the worlds fastest renderer, authored by one of Roths co-founders, Mark Granger; and stunning visual effects for the destruction of downtown L.A. in James Camerons TERMINATOR 2.

In addition to his role as co-founder and ceo of Electric Image, Roth has vast experience in the visual effects industry, beginning in 1980 working at Roger Cormans New World Pictures, with Cameron and Robert and Dennis Skotak. Roth has more than 40 feature film, television and commercial credits, including CGI effects for Mattel HotWheels OCTOBLAST, MACGYVER, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, Bandai POWER RANGERS DINO THUNDER, THE STEPFORD WIVES, X FILES and SBC DSL, and main title design for A MINUTE WITH STAN HOOPER.

Roths product management expertise extended beyond his role at Electric Image, when Sony appointed Roth to design and supervise the 3D compositing environment for SOCRATTO, an unreleased film compositing product.

"You can count the number of people with Jay's background in visual effects production, his skills in 3D and compositing software development and his experience running a business, on one hand," said Jim Plant, president/ceo of NewTek.

The innovation and advancement of 3D graphics tools that truly meet the needs of visual effects and 3D artists has been the foundation of my entire career, said Roth. I look forward to leading the development and expansion of a 3D graphics division with a proven record and supporting community as rich as LightWaves.

With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, NewTek ( is a leading provider of full-featured video editing, live production, presentation, animation and visual effects tools, including LightWave 3D, TriCaster and VT[4].