Jason Bell Joins Globex Studios As EVP Of Products

Globex Studios, an online game developer and publisher with offices in Los Angeles, CA, Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing and Tianjin, China, announced today that online video game veteran Jason Bell has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Products.

Press Release from Globex Studios

Los Angeles, CA  (May 23, 2011) — Globex Studios, an online game developer and publisher with offices in Los Angeles, CA, Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing and Tianjin, China, announced today that online video game veteran Jason Bell has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Products.  In the newly created role, Bell will head production, development and pipeline planning and oversee North American and European publishing and licensing initiatives.  His appointment comes as the company readies its first portfolio of titles, including Secret Kingdoms Online, a new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game for the Greater China market.

Bell brings significant creative, strategic and international experience to Globex Studios, with a succession of pivotal industry positions and a successful track record in the expanding field of online games.  Most recently, he managed the Asheron’s Call Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) series as Executive Vice President at Turbine Entertainment while also spearheading Asia-Pacific business development.  Prior to that, he held top-level offices with Atari, where he was Senior Vice President of Creative Development on many triple-A titles; Infogrames, where he managed North American publishing operations and the French company's three West Coast studios; and Origin Systems, where he was responsible for product design, live-service quality and development for a variety of Electronic Arts' multi-player and online games.

With credits spanning franchises such as Dungeons and Dragons, The Lord of The Rings, UltimaOnline, Privateer, Air Warrior, Realms of Kesmai and Aliens, Bell is one of only a few executives in the business today whose careers have included contributing to the development and launch of more than ten MMO games.  He got his start at Virginia-based Kesmai Studios, then a NewsCorp company, where he jointly served as Creative Director and Executive Producer, among other roles.

Globex Studios' forthcoming inaugural title, Secret Kingdoms Online, is a 3D client-based MMORPG for the PC that focuses on mount collection and mount combat.  Set in an imaginary fantasy world, the game provides unique exploration and battle experiences with five different mount classes and a multitude of equipment upgrade options.  Secret Kingdoms Online is being developed in-house and is one of many future Globex products that will offer new standard-setting free-to-play, micro-transaction-based game models.  For more about Secret Kingdoms Online, visit www.globexstudios.com.

About Globex Studios LAGlobex Studios LA is a Los Angeles-based game development company and a driving force in a global organization focused on producing high-quality, direct-to-consumer games for the international marketplace.  Representing a distributed development and production model evolved to meet industry demands for increased complexity, efficiency, cost-reduction and market-specific tailoring, Globex Studios LA encompasses a front-end team of senior game creatives, technologists and managers that are all industry leaders in their craft.  Together with its parent company, China-based Globex Studios, Globex Studios LA is creating and publishing a range of original properties for online game and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) audiences in Asia, Europe and North America.  For further details, visit www.globexstudios.com or call (805) 413-4185.

About Globex StudiosFounded by a unique group of senior investment and game industry veterans, Globex Studios is an international game development and publishing company specializing in bridging the gap between China and Western markets.  With studio operations and teams globally distributed between Greater China and Los Angeles, Globex Studios takes a new approach to digital entertainment content creation that caters to the strengths and benefits of specific market dynamics and locations.  Globex Studios brings together industry leaders who have worked on more than 100 console/PC game titles in North America and hundreds of television programs and movies written and directed in China to deliver high-quality visuals, strong core game mechanics and culturally relevant storytelling.  Globex Studios is a leader and partner in the burgeoning Chinese media market, with affiliations in social networking, distribution, marketing and licensing.  For further company information, visit www.globexstudios.com.

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